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Dark_AleX: 4.00 M33 Expected This Week, Status Update


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Alek has received word from homebrew developer Dark_AleX that custom firmware 4.00 M33 will likely be released by the tail end of this week. The firmware will include several internal changes, complete with an utility - primarily geared towards shell developers - for compressing PRX modules and PBP format files.

Additionally, the in-XMB recovery and savestate features outlined by Mathieulh last week will likely not be included in the initial 4.00 M33 release, but rather in a separate update.

The in-XMB recovery will feature multi-language support, allowing users to easily translate text strings into their native language without the need of hex editing files.

About 4.00 M33 [Alek]
I love DaX and Mathieulh.

Sony should throw them a nickle for increasing hardware sales LOL

Even though piracy picks up a bit ;\

Edit: yo x3spere, think you got an error with the quick comment on the main exophase.com site. I commented and only the first word was posted. Might wanna look into that bro B)
@Rage: Thanks for letting me know. I rebooted the server about an hour or two ago, probably was when you were posting. Sorry about that.
Hey, will the multi lang recovery will feature unicode support for every single language on earth?
Or right to left option for some western languages?

Oh and let's hope savestate will be released soon:D
Can't wait for it.