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Droid [Dead Effect] ¿How to unlock this achievement?


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Oh, I'll get on it too then! I had fun completing Steam version. Thanks for letting me know about it. ❤️
Your welcome :3

As mobile phones were much more limitted than PCs than they are today, you'll see it's very different from the PC version hehe
Also, mobile version came before the PC version, so they used a lot the PC version to learn some new stuff they would later add in Dead Effect 2

¡But it has more achievements and you'll sure like the mobile version! :3


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About DE2, I invest the minimum amount of money to get rid of very annoying ads. Anyway still cant not get achievement "proper weapon", tried even 2 new characters now. The (I think its 4) people who have it, I send them the msg and they didnt reply, so after hours of grinding I am stuck at this one probably glitched achievement.