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Default sorting


New Member
Hello guys, first of all, congratz on the new web beta UI, its wonderful.

Second, I want to ask if Im missing something or its really a missing feature. I would like to make default sorting for my profile in earned trophies, but not just for me when I log in to my account. I would like to show that kind of sorting to everyone who is visiting my profile, even if they are log off, because right now, its showing by last played. Is it posible?

I know some people chose to see every profile in their favorite way if you are logged in. But it would be really cool to show your profile the way you want to people who are not logged in.

thank you <3


New Member
Also, I don't see an option to see my manually hidden games (to see if I messed up something), anyone know?


Staff member
Enforcer Team
I made some changes, if you are viewing a profile while logged out it will default to the order the user has chosen in their profile settings now.

The option to view manually hidden games is missing in the beta right now, I'll get it added back soon - not sure if we're changing placement of those settings yet.