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Difference between anti virus and firewall?


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I have problem regarding antivirus and firewall. I installed avg antivirus on my pc, but virus attacked on my system again, somebody told me to install any firewall. I am using cable internet. Can anyone help me with the difference between anti virus and firewall? Thanks in advance.


A virus scanner scans all the files you access on your computer for (known) malicious stuff, like a virus, trojan or any other (known) kind of code that can/might/will harm you and your computer.

A firewall protects the network traffic going out and comming in from and to your computer.
So even if a bad guy infested your computer, it can't "dial out" since the firewall will block it and usually alert you about an unknown program trying to access the internet.
Also connections comming FROM the internet are blocked, so it's more unlikely someone will manage to "enter" your computer from the outside.

I hope that made it a bit more clear :)

Long story short:
Virus Scanner: Checks and protects your files
Firewall: Checks and protects your network connection(s)


'Obtain' a professional antivirus. Most, Like Norton, have an in built firewall, so it saves your PC clutter.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend anything free, as I haven't had the best of luck with freeware.

Antivirus scans your files for harmless codes, and a firewall monitors your internet connection.


Personally, I wouldn't recommend anything free, as I haven't had the best of luck with freeware.
Hm, I have a different experience on that.
I (only) use the free edition of this virus scanner (don't mind the page being in german, there's english d/l's for it too) and also very much like the free edition of the Zone-Alarm firewall.

Both products have paid editions, so they are not general "freeware" and benefit from the development of the paid editions.

Those two combined with some common sense added, my PCs have been virus free for ages.... literally, I can't remember my last viral infection (on the PC).