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DS Emulation on PSP

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Japanese homebrew developer SofiyaCat has ported the Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME to PSP. It's extremely slow, so don't expect it to run anything well, but it does prove DS emulation is possible on the PSP.

Above is a screenshot of the emulator running DS homebrew game GeoWars.

Download DeSmuME PSP

NekoMiMi [SofiyaCat]

Update: Here’s how to install DeSmuME, of course you must have a homebrew-capable PSP.

* Move the contents of the 150 folder contained in the archive to GAME or GAME150 on your memory stick.
* Download any DS homebrew game, GeoWars for example.
* Rename the game’s NDS file to test.nds
* Move test.nds to the 150 folder.
* Navigate to the Game menu on your PSP and start the emulator. The game will load automatically.


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Can't wait for this to speed up! :3 I wanna play Phoenix wright Justice for all on mah PSP!

here are some photos of me TRYING to emulate Phoenix Wright Justice for all:


P.S: My cam sucks


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when the emulator starts to improve, there will be no reason how the ds is better than the psp. Good job sofiyacat. Going to try this when my internet stablizes.


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I'm sure this will piss off some hardcore Nintendo fanboys. :)


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Yup, their precious DS is now emulated by the rival xD, but like the NES emu for the Iphone this one still needs improovement, still, this is ONE HELL of a proof of concept


But I was committed after that birthday party...
when the emulator starts to improve, there will be no reason how the ds is better than the psp. Good job sofiyacat. Going to try this when my internet stablizes.

Yeah, but the touchscreen capabilities still won't be fully awesome'd out like the actual NDS. But this is incredible- truly remarkable, I indeedily think, a current-gen system emulating another current-gen system; I don't think that's EVER been accomplished before.


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Yes, but at the same time like cheeze said, you still don't have the touch screen. I love both of the handhelds, and this is a great step in Emu, but if you want to play DS games, you need to fork over the cash to get a DS so you can have the full fun of playing these games. Thats like trying to play NES or GB/GBC games on a Ipod. It is just not as fun as playing it on the original system.


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Increase speed to normal, and have screens arranged side by side. And not that weird fading in and out fuzzy thing. Use Analog Stick as touch screen with L and R for tap. Have support for all games except mike needed ones. Then the DS will have next to nothing. Boy, will Nintendo be ticked, but I bet Sony would be secretly pleased...


But I was committed after that birthday party...
But if you're using R and L for tapping, what buttons are the DS's L and R:confused1:


The Doctor
maybe that could be switched to the home button? XD

Btw an edition of this emu was launched, it has volume support and stuff, I played a bit of Phoenix Wright in it (@ 3FPS XD)

I have screenies if you want! :D


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Not all games require the touchscreen. Resident Evil DS if you play in Original mode (Rebirth mode sucks anyways), Final Fantasy 3, Sonic Rush... ect.

And forget holding the PSP Vertically, just resize the touchscreen to be smaller, and put the bottom screen to the left.

Some games, like Metroid, and the upcomming zelda will be useless, but we can live with the ton of workable games.


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Everyone says that if you run homebrew you cannot play umd games. NOT TRUE. You put custom firmware on(e.g. 3.71 m33-3) and you can run homebrew and normal umd games. You can downgrade EVERY firmware using pandora's battery and if you have 3.5 or lower you can downgrade using lumines exploit. I have every emulator out there on my psp(gba, gameboy, n64, nes, snes, even psone) and I can still run a ds game just fine. And, the best games(in my opinion) for the DS do not require the touch screen, (e.g Pokemon diamond/pearl, super mario kart ds, etc.)People said it was impossible to get emulators on the psp. Once this ds emulator is up and running, the ds will be obsolete.

I said it can run every ds game just fine, I meant UMD. :/


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i thought they were making a microphone for psp. maybe i wrong tho

analog probly would be the sytlus acting thing, but 2 problems:
1) what you said
2) not NEARLY as fast as a touch screen, so games like WarioWare probly just won't be playabel, even with a microphone



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how come i cant run it??
it become corrupted data..
i already rename it 2 test.nds n put it in d folder 150..
but why can it run??


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i cant run the emulator.everytime i open the emulator it will show a black screen and after a fews seconds my psp off my it self...anyone who can solve this?
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