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DSONPSP Beta 7 Kayliah edition

I can confirm that this is running significantly faster than the previous release (though still rather unplayable for most games)
It's pretty cool, but does there have to be a new post made for EVERY slight update made? Couldn't you just update the older post?
This interests me. If it can run pokemon games then I won't have to buy a DS to play soul silver when it comes out. :cool:
Unfortunately the emulator will probably never be able to play the Pokemon DS games, even PC emulators have a hard time running them.


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I find that that the No$gba emulator works much better than the DESMUME emulator in speed, compatibility and sound quality. If i could talk to Yoshihiro right now, i'd tell him to experiment with the No$gba core and see how it works out. If anyone has contact with Yoshihiro, could they please pass on this message?
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The New Beta 6 Is Out.

DSONPSP Beta 6 is out and is on the first page for everyone to download major improvements and Beta 7 is coming soon. Thanks to Yoshihiro keep up the good work.:tup:
Not bad..
Although it is very slow..
Well. It is still on beta and DS on PSP was really not compatible before. I'm glad yoshihiro is trying his best, and by the way I see it, it's getting better every release.