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Multi EA Unveils Alice: Madness Returns


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At its summer showcase event, EA lifted the curtain on Alice: Madness Returns, the follow-up to American McGee's demonic take on the Alice franchise. The moody sequel is in development at Spicy Horse Games under the financial backing of the EA Partners program.

Plot-wise, Alice: Madness Returns picks up ten years after the twisted events of the original[...]

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After playing the first one a few months back, I've been waiting for a graphically updated sequel, and I'll play the crap out of this game.

I recommend the original to everyone.


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Right, the original is on my to play list as of now. Been interested in it for a little while.


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Oh hell yes, I loved the first one, what a came (remember the throwable cards?). About time an update came out.


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American Mcgee seems like a one hit wonder. Luckily, he's following up his hit, so I'll give this a try.