Easy Platinum?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by simonako, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. simonako

    simonako New Member

    Hi Guys!

    Is there any Platinum trophies out there( on PS4) that are easy or not like Extreme to get?

    Open to all games!
  2. JosPlays

    JosPlays New Member

    All the Telltale games are easy platinum when they have a platinum. Also Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls (but those 2 require some replaying). I also thought LEGO The Movie The Videogame was a easy platinum but harder then the rest I mentioned above.
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  3. n8ofsp8ds

    n8ofsp8ds Member

    My Name is Mayo is one
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  4. simonako

    simonako New Member

    Yeah I've heard about that game but it haven't come to Sweden yet :(
  5. NocturnalNL

    NocturnalNL Member

    Goat simulator
  6. Cloud

    Cloud New Member

    Telltale games.
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  7. Survival Horror

    Survival Horror Active Member

    The point for me is to like the game first of all easy or hard. Easy games are Telltale games are other members said before me.
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  8. Reidzer 1314

    Reidzer 1314 New Member

    Telltale games are your Platinum friend.
  9. SC Shadow Blade

    SC Shadow Blade Active Member

    Orc slayer is easy

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