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PC Epic Announces New PC-Only Title in Development


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team

This weekend at PAX East 2012, two members of Epic Games have made mention of a new PC-only game that is currently in development. Both the president, Mike Capps, and Gears of War designer, Cliff Bleszinski, mentioned a new title was being worked but did not provide any further details surrounding it.

Those wondering if it was the trademarked Gears of War: Exile title will be disappointed to hear that the unannounced project (which was just confirmed as being a real title) has been cancelled[...]

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Another PC centric Unreal would be awesome. UT2k4 was awesome back in the day, wasn't too impressed with UT3 though.


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There aren't any modern arena shooters so UT would really be welcome. Realistic warfare games are getting kinda boring now.


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Nexuiz is coming. ;)