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Epic Games' library not showing in Exophase


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Hi. I have around 130 games in my Epic Games library, but here at Exophase I see just 3 of them, although I've played around 10 titles. My profile is set as public. Whereas in Steam here at Exophase I can see all of my games. Why is that? Can someone add all of my games from Epic here to Exophase?


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Enforcer Team
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Only games with achievements are tracked. The limitation is on Epic's side, their profile pages also only show games with achievements: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/u/c3406bbdefe747e79d11ca00a57f7523

I think it's likely they will update the profile pages at some point to show all games like Steam, don't have any idea when this will happen though.


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Oh, gotcha, thank you. I have one more question tho - as I mentioned I see just 3 games from Epic library here at Exophase profile, but, I own atleast 15 titles which also have achievements... do I need to obtain atleast 1 achievement to get that particular game shown at Exophase? Or do I need to atleast play that game for once?


Not just on Exophase, but on the official Epic profile page as well. So yes, you need to have earned at least one achievement in a game for that game to show up. I tried installing a game, launching it, leaving it running for a minute, but that alone was not enough.