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Epic Games Not Syncing


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Hello, I updated my privacy settings on Epic and did a manual resync but some games are still not showing up, or aren't showing up accurately i.e. Rogue Company, Rocket League, etc.
Is there a way that I can fix this?

Also, is there any chance that we'll see tracking for Riot Games in the future?



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They aren't showing up on your Epic profile page either: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/u/81922988baf14c088604fd043bbf7c4b

I do see Rocket League on your profile here despite it not showing up on the Epic page but that's the only game we are seeing. Does Rogue Company have achievements on Epic? We can only see games that actually have achievement sets, those that don't are only visible in your game library in the Epic Games client and not your public profile page. So that's possibly why it's not being picked up.

Yeah, may look into adding Riot Games at some point.


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I think the confusion also comes from the fact that Rogue Company has beta achievements implementation on Epic Games. Those are only visible in the game overlay. The developers need to push a manual update in order for those to become official and be visible on the profile. Nothing we can do on our end about that, unfortunately.

Only the games you can see here have official achievements support: https://www.exophase.com/platform/epic/.

If it's not there, but you can see achievements in the game overlay, it's because they're using the previous beta implementation.


kahtzu, if you haven't yet, try earning a simple achievement for a game that supports the new type.

Rocket League has working achievements, and I don't see that game on kahtzu's Epic profile.
You can see Rocket League on my Epic profile: https://store.epicgames.com/u/63efd547df214f2e9bf892e7becf0ea6
I noticed you will need to have earned at least 1 achievement for a game for it to show up on your Epic profile, even with the Filter set to "Not Played" or the default "All".
I tried installing an unplayed game, checking, then starting the game for a minute, stopping it, checking again, but it won't show up without at least 1 achievement.