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EXP for World of Warcraft - Is this working?


New Member
Hello, I have more than 400 achievements on World of Warcraft (Blizzard), but only 17 EXP. A bug or is this explainable? Thanks !


Staff member
Enforcer Team
The point system is working as intended here, but World of Warcraft is a bit of a special case. It's got a ton of extremely rare achievements so the points
mostly get allocated to those, and there's so many that the uncommon / common ones end being almost worthless in terms of EXP. Like just looking at the list, there are over 700 achievements with under a 1% earned rate. These combined add up to 23k EXP, more than half the total amount.

In most regular games with a high number of achievements - there are only a handful of super rare ones.

Since spam games aren't a problem on the Blizzard platform, I will look at changing the point allocation for WoW. I think under the old system, it was worth closer to ~300,000 EXP total.


New Member
Yea I think Blizzard games may need to be treated differently under the new system.
ITs crazy looking at some peoples WoW profiles and seeing 2,000+ achievements, but the points for that is barely 1000.

Same with SC2.

I guess Overwatch is the only "normal" blizzard game in that it has a regular amount of achievements.