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External HDD Error


Just some dood
So i got a 1TB external HDD (that was already once sent to warranty in what was the biggest stupidty fest I've ever seen, the way it was damaged that is) and after my mom turned off my desktop by pressing the power button for more than 5secs, today I woke up to find I had some data corrupted.

So I put a checkdisk on, and it's been checking the same "index entry" for ages now... Is my HDD damaged AGAIN? The disk doesn't sound like it's f* tbh, so maybe it's just corrupted data... All I want is to be able to save most of the data in it.

Thoughts? Help?


New Member
There is a problem with hard disk. Some bad sector are there in hard disk.So first of all you can download genuine bad sector removal software and delete that bad sector from your hard disk and then you can check hard disk and if problem not solve then hard disk has been corrupted.


Hm, I think the HDD is fine hardware wise.

If it worked fine and "only" showed corrupted data after the forcefull power down, it is very likely the PC got cut off while writing to the disk and so corrupting file tables and stuff.

Let checkdisk do it's job (can take a while on a huge HDD with lots of data) and then save *.* to somewhere else, reformat and refill it.