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External HDD format stuck at 75%

So I have a 300gb external HDD that I've tried formatting (twice now). And it seems to always get stuck at 75%. I'm formatting through the "Disk Management" in Computer Management, if that makes any different. It's been stopped at 75% for a day now. I started yesterday, and before I went to bed it was at 75%. When I put my ear to the harddrive it does sound like it is still spinning though. So any help there would be appreciated, thanks.


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This might work go on a linux live cd and format it from there.


Seth's On A Boat.
Like Seth said, you could use a Linux livecd.

Alternatively, you could try quick formatting, if you haven't. AFAIK all that does is delete the records of the files, but not the data itself, so it shouldn't take long.
I'd give the HDD a quick scan for errors. Also try a different USB cable, preferably a higher-quality one, like the one that came with the drive. Some thinner ones i've found don't power the drive well.

GParted is one of the best Linux LiveCDs for drive partitioning.