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Fat Princess


MD Party Room

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Titan Studios
Release Date: Q2 2009
Genre: Action
Frantic and fun, Fat Princess pits two hordes of players against each other in comic medieval battle royale

I dont know about you guys but I have high hopes for this little psn game..Anyone else plan on picking this game up?

Edit Thanks NeilR...


Suck It
Screenshots, videos? I really don't feel like having to search for this content myself. I should be able to see it right here


MD Party Room


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Look like a lot more fun than most games coming out, we need more of these quirky games on the market.


Shockingly Delicious
Looks interesting, depending upon price I may buy it.
Its $15 which includes a full single player mode, a challenge mode(gladiator), and online which alone would be good enough to sell this game
This will be PSN's greatest selling title for sure


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Enforcer Team
I was rather impressed with the E3 build so I'll likely be picking this up tomorrow.


Hmm.... this is really any good?
Not sure what to think of it.... maybe I'll grab it.... gotta investigate a bit more :D


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I'm gonna hold of it until either a demo/trial comes out or it is confirmed to be the greatest thing ever made ever.


MD Party Room
But psn games dont really have demos