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Multi Favslist - Rank your favorite games, movies and more


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Daniel Kayser from GameTrailers is creating an awesome website named Favslist. It's still a work in progress but it has a really fun concept. It let's you rank your all-time Top 25 games and affect the results in real-time. DK made a video explaining how it works here:

If you feel like putting your 2 cents in, then go here and make your Top 25 favorite game of all time list (1st=25pts, 2nd=24pts, ..., 25th=1pt).

Other gaming lists are also available (by year, genre and systems) if you want to mess around with more of them. It also works for movies, tv shows, music, sports and anything you can think of.
For example, the Favorite Pokémon list is fun to participate in.

It's kinda like facebook but it's centered around the things we're passionate about.
Anyway, Post the link of your Top games and feel free to discuss your choices!


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870 gamers made their all-time favorite games list.


When a gamer makes his/her Top 25 (a Top 10 is also fine), the results are updated in real-time.
Go rank and support your favorite games (as obscure as it can be)!

PS: This list is an aggregate of all gamers lists/opinions, so there is no point on arguing about its validity. No one will/can probably like it.