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FCC passes Net Neutrality rules

Josey Wales

Evil Poptart
Im not really sure what this means. Care to indulge?

I am curious cause it sounds like something I can bitch about

Josey Wales

Evil Poptart
That all seems a bit... idk, impossible or unrealistic. I dont even see how its possible for anyone to charge anyone to view a website when the website doesnt turn the profit from it.

Not only that, this changes the entire way the internet is conducted.

This all sounds like some sort of greed profit


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Companies would be raging too if this were to occur. I can't see it happening. I'm not even sure HOW they would actively monitor usage, there's many ways to obscure what sites you're visiting.


Los Doyers!
Well we're getting porn banned over here apparently ;_;
Yeah I read about that. Any site that is considered 18+ will be blocked. So it doesn't even have to be porn sites. The only way to get around the block would be to have your parent call and say they want access.