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Gamer Card not updating correctly


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I recently noticed that my Gamer card was showing games on the wrong platform, and now that I recently got a PSN Trophy, the PSN Listing has disappeared.

Games on wrong platform: A Few days ago I spotted that I was played Vegas Studio on Andriod, Xbox, PSN and GOG, which not available on those platforms. I was however using the said Vegas Studio on Steam at the time, as I was rendering a Video in Vegas. The Correct Achievements/Trophies where present or appeared to gone due to time limits. Both Backgound and game card are incorrect.

Updating the card to remove GOG hasn't restored the correct games to the correct platforms.

Card Settings at this time:
-Show Both
-Manual Ticked
-Platforms: PSN, Xbox, Steam, Android, Uplay active.
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Should be fixed on the next gamercard refresh.