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Multi Games that are fun to 100%?


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Hi all,

My first post here, hope this hasn't been covered recently.

What games have you found fun to 100%? Fun in this case means reasonably challenging and varied, so not too difficult or too grindy. For example, I can think of Half-Life 2 or Freedom Planet. Thanks for helping.


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I wouldn't really call it challenging or varied (you can blast through it in an hour) but I always find PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX fun to 100%. It's just a hell of a fun little game, probably the best version of PAC-MAN ever made honestly.

More recently I found Team Sonic Racing satisfying to complete. It's mostly fairly easy once you get the hang of the game, though some of the challenge races (where you have to collect rings, avoid obstacles, destroy targets, etc) can offer a bit of a challenge, that and some of the objectives to earn keys. Sometimes your AI teammates just can't keep up with you and make you lose some of the expert grand prix races but once you figure out how to hold yourself back just enough to help them keep up but still win you'll get those done in a few attempts.

Oh, I got it. Pokémon Red/Blue. That's definitely my favourite set I've completed. It makes you dig deeper into the different mechanics of the game and the smogon challenges make gym battles more interesting. Highly recommend the walkthroughs on bulbapedia so you don't miss any items and know where all the different Pokémon are. You can go old school and play the whole game at normal speed or use the fast-forward feature in RetroArch to massively cut down on grinding. It'll take a while either way though.

Yeah, can't recommend Red/Blue enough, the achievement set made me develop an even greater appreciation for the original Pokémon games than I already had.

Pokémon Sapphire is very good too, as I'm sure most of the Pokémon sets are.