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Games with only secrets achievements


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The website says I have 89 games completed on Stadia instead of 100.
If a game only has secret achievements it does not count towards the total despite being at 100%

It happens in all profiles with those kinds of games completed. (I don't know if it happens on other platforms)

It can be fixed? Thanks!


There was an issue with Stadia secret achievements according to this 2020 thread. I don't think they ever fixed that, and of course now that Stadia was taken offline there's no way to see any achievements any more.


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
Yes the secret achievements on Stadia were never trackable and only viewable to the account that earned them. While we are able to get the total count of achievements you earned per game, it's not registered as a completion due to lacking the earned date for those secret achievements in the database. So, other platforms are not affected by this.

I was hoping Google would change the visibility of the secrets at some point which would fix this issue but it never happened.

At any rate it would be possible to fix this, by adding some special handling for Stadia so it doesn't require the earned date to be present when counting the completions. I'll try to make the change soon.