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General Updates


Our plan regarding skins is as follows: since maintaining a forum with many different skins is an unneeded headache, we have settled with giving you two (or four, if you want to get technical) choices. One dark fixed skin (which will most likely be Cerebrum Modified) with a fluid alternative (Cerebrum Modified+) and one light fixed skin with a fluid alternative.

As you may have noticed, we have recently added a few skins for us to test on these forums that we feel would work well with Cerebrum Modified+. We are currently looking for a nice light alternative that goes well with Cerebrum Modified+. If you have one in mind, please feel free to let us know. Please also keep in mind that the only two skins that are most likely to be available out of the ones we have now are Cerebrum Modified and Cerebrum Modified+.

Furthermore, there are a few useful modifications we have made to some of the skins (usually only Cerebrum Modified and Cerebrum Modified+) and the way they work:

Default Style Width
The most noticeable one would be that every skin is probably overly stretched across your screen now. To fix this, go to your User CP -> Edit Options and scroll all the way to the bottom until you see:

We have coded an option to allow everyone to decide how large (or small) they wish their fluid skin to be.

Note: We are aware that the percentage (%) choices make Cerebrum (and possibly other styles look weird) and are hoping to find a solution to that - at least for the Cerebrums

Separated Stickies
I doubt most of you have noticed this already, but we have separated stickies from normal threads to better organise our threads and make it clear which ones are more important than the other.

Images in quotes are changed to links
We have setup the forums so that whenever someone quotes a post with an image inside of it, that image will be changed into a link to the image instead. This is to make it easier to read through posts without having to look at the same quoted image over and over again. And, God forbid, if there are any people still on 56k, then they won't have to deal with reloading the same image over and over again.

There are a few other changes I think I'll let you discover on your own. Well, that, and I might have forgotten what else I changed...

Lastly, we will soon be changing the default style to either Cerebrum Modified or Cerebrum Modified+.


Your resident psycho hobo
it currently seems to be defaulted at 1500px which was huge on my 1024x768 screen.