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[Generic Introduction Title]


New Member
So i guess i should introduce myself,
There isnt really much to say though seeing as how i'm not all that interesting to most people.

Ive been playing games (and watching anime for that matter) almost all my life.
My first console was the Super Nintendo and the genre's i play most are all kinds of RPG's, Trading Card Games, Visual Novels and Strategy Games.
I play mostly single player because multiplayer (outside of WoW private servers on occasion) is too much of a hassle for me.

I guess thats it for my introduction though.
If anyone has any questions dont hesitate to ask.

Survival Horror

Active Member
Hello and welcome, do u like old cartoons too ? because if your first console was Super Nintendo we have about the same age. Super Nintendo is the first console and the biggest love for me :D my first game was Super Mario World....
Out of The Last Of Us i prefer offline games too, but i like to sign in in psn and talk with friends there.
Which are your fav genres and games ?