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Get back deleted games?


New Member
Apologies if this is extremely stupid to ask and has an obvious solution, but I recently deleted a game from my page because the site wasn't properly tracking the achievement data (giving me 0% complete despite it being completed for weeks now) and I was wondering how I could possibly get it to show again on my profile?😓
You can run a manual scan afterwards. That will re-add any deleted games if they are still visible on the service itself. Though I suspect in this case that may not work, there's likely a reason why it wasn't picking up the achievements.

What game is it? I'll check if it's actually visible on your profile.
The game is sweet pool. it has some issues with steam due to not gaining achievements while patches are applied (patches are for full story and art), but I went and removed the patch after completing the story to then go in and regain the achievements. I've reset the data on steam so I'm gathering the achievements once more!

(edit) i aswell have a game that hasnt updated full to its 100% status that was completed during a similar time, but other games i completed afterwards are just fine
I ran a manual scan and it picked the game up. It looks like this particular game is only visible when it's showing in your recent activity (of which Steam only shows the last 2 weeks) -- so maybe that's why it was not being scanned before.

What game is missing its 100% status?
Ok, it's updated now.