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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Time Played


Hopefully this is something you can pull off. In the Ubisoft stats they have time played broken out into 3 categories... if there was a way you could pull all 3 and combine them you could report time played correctly for this game. I have gone and pulled the stats and circled the 3 ways they call it out. Co op time played, Solo time played and PVP time played.

Thanks as always!



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This is actually the case with multiple Ubi titles, personally I noticed it with Ghost Recon Wildlands .. Uplay stats for it has 2 times: solo time played and co-op time played.. exophase only pulls the solo time.
But considering Uplay game statistics has been only implemented about 3-4 years ago so all Ubi titles before that time don't show game time played.. so we are missing on a lot of time anyway.


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Should be adding the playtime totals for both Ghost Recon games now!

@A_M_R_Egypt if you happen to notice it on any other games let me know. The stat naming tends to vary for each game, so sometimes I need to update the scanner to properly recognize that it's a playtime stat.