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Giveaway: City of Steam: Arkadia Gift Code

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With the holidays in full swing we're in the gifting spirit! We've teamed up with Mechanist Games, developer of City of Steam, to hand out several gift codes for City of Steam: Arkadia. The industrial-age fantasy RPG is powered by Unity3D, meaning it can run inside your browser.

We covered the game previously back when it was entering its alpha and beta phase over a year ago.

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Noting interest. ;)
Played it back in alpha and this looks like a nice way to get a good quick start.


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I am very interested in a key because I love CoS and am very excited for the release tomorrow. Also noting interest because I think it is gonna support me having a quick and successful start.


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I love steampunk and anything related to it. I am looking forward to play this game as soon as it would be possible!
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