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GOG Animated Gamercard Background Image Not Updating


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For months now the background image for GOG games on my animated gamercard isn't updating. It's stuck on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It used to update based on my last game played but it stopped doing that a long time ago. I've tried customizing it here on Exophase to see if it could be reset or something but nothing I've tried works.

All of the other images and information updates just fine.

What do?
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Your last played game is Ember and we don't have a background image for it, so it skips over to the next game that has a background uploaded.

For some of the other platforms these are auto retrieved but we add them manually for GOG currently. I see they added some cover images to the store since I last checked though, so I'll look into pulling those - that way we'll always have an image to display. I'll let you know when I have implemented this.


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Well I'll be. There's New Vegas. (even though my last played game is Bloodlines, but whatev).

I guess it was the manual synch what did it? I suppose I should've tried that a long time ago.

Although the background has change on Exophase it hasn't changed on this or any of my other forums. I'll give it some time to update.
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