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Good morning


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Good morning my friends. Please, I want an answer to my question because I have little experience. I bought Battlefield v Deluxe Edition and played it a lot. I have advances and buy coins inside the game! A few days ago, you were surprised that there was a lock sign on the game? What does this mean, should I buy again? I contacted the company, they sent a message and said: We want to help you write your problem! Then they repeated this message, counted many times, is this a robot?


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Are you sure you didn't purchase an EA Play membership? It expires after a month and you have to re-purchase monthly to keep the access.


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You are a good man, and I thank you for the response, I did not understand exactly! I play the Battlefield series of all kinds, I prefer it personally 1 + 5. I bought it before it hit the market. The question is / Is the lock tag for me personally! Mother to some or to all of us. Do they want us to buy it every month? They are monthly installments