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Good "old" steam achievement games <2012/13 ? Need suggestions.


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I sold my gaming PC month ago, finishing MHW on q9650/gt1030/6gb ddr2 (its painful yes, but not that bad). I'm not enjoying MHW too much but I'm finishing it nontheless, atleast base game.

On the other hand, I wanna continue achievement hunting but in much slower pace, and currently I'm somewhat enjoying Axiom Verge and Fallout Shelter.

I'm looking forward to Play Kingdoms of Amalur, which is open world RPG game, works like a charm on max settings here.

So basically I would appreciate recommendations based on quality of game first, then achievement hunt (obviosly not too demanding multiplayer achievements).

I love RPG games, I love Indie/2D games aswel. Adventures, FPS, Horror games (me and my wife simply love them, she did Alien Isolation on 100% hah).

I'm thinking games like old Condemned, Fear but they do not have achievements on Steam.. Torchlight 1 is good one aswel, I love grindy games.

I did tested Fallout 4 / Skyrim SE, and they are playable whatsoever, but I wouldn't like 100+ hours struggle for 100%. It's kid PC anyways so I can't sit and play for hours (MHW is painful because of that and I'm forced to use pause mods and play offline when I'm not farming with friend mp achievements).

P.S I'm asking for this sort of recommendation cause yes, I'm gamer since early 90's, on PC since '99. But old games like Mafia, PS ports and so on didn't had achievements, and I wasn't gaming too much in between 2007-2011 due to CS1.6 addiction, when afterwards I played mostly DOTA 2 and multiplayer games, while only after 2015 I started gaming regular new released games with achievement hunting, so I'm feeling that I missed bunch of quality games in 2005-2013/14 era (I am not looking for newer due to system recommendation usually).
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In case you may be interested, there is a system called Retroachievements that is supported through Exophase and puts achievements on roms through Retroarch. Figured I'd bring it up since you talked about old school games without achievements