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Google Play Games alternatives


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A advantage Android has is that it allows you to have other app stores on your device, without restrictions, although Google Play Store is obligatory in some devices.
But i've not seen any alternative to Google Play Games with achievment system. It would be very useful in hands of mobile game developers if we had another service with better policies than the Google's very restrictive and explorative one

¿Have you found another alternative?


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None, as of Now.
& I Don't think there will be.
Actually, Xbox uses achievement system on Android, but it only uses on Minecraft and there's not other game that uses on it... They don't even host Minecraft in their app, it's downloadable on Google Play itself, and i don't think they let other developers to use their system. So i don't consider it an alternative

But Epic Games CEO said they are working on achievement system for their game launcher, and they also said they're working on a game launcher for Android to compete wih Google Play and "give more freedom to developers than what Google provide". And they already made an very experimental launcher for their 2 games: Fortnite and Battle Breakers. ¿So, maybe, there'll be an alternative soon?