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Google Play Games apps troubles


New Member
i'm right now level 80 in google play games and i have lot of problems with the app and i have no solution or workaround:
- i can't see the trophy log: after 10/20 seconds waiting it appear the word "retry" without any trophy logged
- in game detail i can't see the trophy list

i tried:
- re-install the app
- delete cache files
- delete all data files
- logout and login with my account
- i wrote to support ... but i received a generic answer
- i tried to use google play game in a different mobile (same problems)

the only partial workaround i found is:
send a friend link to a friend and see my profile in his mobile

some idea? have you news about these troubles?


Did you try to install an old version of the app? My version is 2022.08.36997 (476086601.476086601-000400) and it works fine. If this one doesn't work for you, try to install even older version.