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Great to be able to replace Raptr!


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Cheers for the forum sig, EP, appreciate it.

Is there a way to display my PSN, Xbox and Steam details all on the one spot?


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Enforcer Team

Display all your details in one spot, with the gamercards? There is a profile one you can create by clicking the menu at the top of the home page -> My Gamercard. Is that what you're looking for?


Not sure but if I understand correctly he's asking if the gamercard forum signature here could switch between more then two services .

I know I made a request for it at some point, sorry if that isn't what you meant Dark.


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If I'm sure he meant something under the Name like A PSN Badge with his Name Xbox Badge and his Name and so on. At the Moment I think you have to put every ID in the Sig.


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ditched raptr years ago lol. they killed themselves off when they dumped the console support. and now they got swallowed by that plays.tv crap... fools... such fools....