GTA : China town Wars

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by lilspanyol, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. lilspanyol

    lilspanyol New Member

    I am looking forward to how Rockstar performed in this GTA
    I really think the new view will be very amusing ..

    Any thoughts? Are you buying?

    I preordered from thehut:)
  2. larryr

    larryr First cup of MfM

    I will buy it, update my firmware to play it, and see if I like it. If i do, I will ISO it, and decrypt it to run on GEN.
  3. Bizarre

    Bizarre Beast

    I'll wait for reviews before getting it.
  4. Slasher

    Slasher Suck It

    No bullshitting, I'll definitely download it
  5. DarkGamer

    DarkGamer PRo GaMeR

    is it comming out tomorrow
  6. larryr

    larryr First cup of MfM

    I heard it was coming out on the 30th...
  7. Slasher

    Slasher Suck It

    It was released yesterday in US/Canada anyways
  8. eldiablov

    eldiablov Contributor

    Same here, I bought the last two GTA games but I can't see myself paying out for a DS port :\
  9. afteralter

    afteralter S for Surreal

    I never was a fan of GTA on PSP. Dunno why D:
  10. eighty4

    eighty4 Active Member

    I will most likely never get this. The game is so damn repetitive, it's not even funny. Before it was awesome how I could do all this shit in an open world like in GTAIV, but having an overtop view to control a dude without a face is lame.
  11. KezraPlanes

    KezraPlanes Just some dood

    I started hating GTA @ San Andreas. So no buy for me, still the game has been getting good reviews even if it's an enhanced port =|
  12. afteralter

    afteralter S for Surreal

    Same for me >_> I've played til VC for PC only. SA sucked, imo.
  13. Muratcan

    Muratcan New Member

    This game is awesome. My sister has it on DS but I never bothered to play it, but a shiny new GTA on the PSP is a different story. The graphics are crisper and at first I was as little anxious regarding the top down view. But despite wishing the camera was from behind (lulz) I've not been able to put the PSP down for an hour, this game rocks. In fact the overhead camera has grown on me, it is actually pretty cool and fun, I never liked the retro GTAs myself, but Chinatown Wars is a different story. The camera isn't exactly like GTA1 and 2, it is a little behind, but it is still overhead.

    I actually got bored of GTA4, I'm at the guy that likes to beat crime off the streets or some shit. That game just bored me, maybe it is too realistic? But Chinatown Wars is actually more fun than GTA4 for me, the cartoony graphics show how games should be, fun and with colour, this nextgen push for dull colours depressed me a bit, but playing something like this gives me joy!

    The story is nice, the triads/Chinese aspect is cool. GTA4 story bored me, but in Chinatown Wars the little far eastern touches like the cool Chinese music jingle when you complete a mission is comforting. At first the Japonophile/Otaku in me was thinking why can't it be Yakuza, but looking back that was a stupid thought.

    Something I found interesting was how early on you team up in a gun fight with a female Triad!!! First time in GTA I can recall a woman taking on a more aggressive role.

    Plus the map is identical to the GTA4 map if I am not mistaken and shaking off police is cool, you have to ram them so they crash into a wall and that lowers your wanted level.

    So yes in summary. I find GTA4 boring and I had doubts about Chinatown Wars (the camera is the main talking point) but after actually playing it I love it! In fact it is possibly better than the ports (essentially) of LCS and VCS.
  14. eighty4

    eighty4 Active Member

    It's the same game. Same exact thing.
  15. afteralter

    afteralter S for Surreal

    That's the very reason why I disliked it.
  16. Colm

    Colm New Member

    I don't see why people are complaining about this game being a port :( It's a solid DS game, not worth the full retail price for a PSP game but it'll go down soon.
  17. Slasher

    Slasher Suck It

    There's a slight graphical update (higher res textures & updated lighting make a huge difference graphically), and there's a few more extra missions added in with that chick reporter. Also, having the game on a bigger screen than the DS makes a pretty big difference as far as playing the game goes - you can see more of what's going on.

    Not exactly the same, but basically the same.
  18. eighty4

    eighty4 Active Member

    That's what bothers me. PSP GTA games are like PS1 ones, not the crummy overtop view ones where you don't know wtf is going on half the time.
  19. Muratcan

    Muratcan New Member

    You mean PSP GTA games are like PS2 ones?

    Trust me Chinatown Wars is a good game. I too dislike GTA1 and GTA2, and I wasn't sure about Chinatown Wars but I played it, am playing it and it is actually good. The camera is overhead, but it isn't totally top down, it is slighty backwards. Hard to explain. Plus it is 3D and I love the cell shaded like graphics and some of the missions are innovative with ideas that I haven't seen on previous GTAs.

    I say give it a go first. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  20. eighty4

    eighty4 Active Member

    I've played it on my DS. Got old way too quick.

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