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[Guide] Answers for "String of Words" game on Play


Some quick warnings first:
1. There are achievements for doing daily mini puzzles (including one for doing 100 of them) so this guide alone won't get you to 100%.
2. The game kinda sucks. It's full of stupidly slow animations, some of the clues are stupid, some of the answers are stupid.
3. The daily mini puzzles seem to have a really weird timer, possibly because of time zones. Sometimes after completing one, it shows >24 hours until the next daily becomes available.
4. I did these achievements while on Play Pass. I believe Books 2 and onwards normally require payment, but I haven't checked and confirmed this.
5. Only the first six books (and dailies) are needed for achievements. The Mega link below includes Book 7 only because I'm an idiot and didn't realise there wasn't an achievement for this book.

Exophase link to the game page: https://www.exophase.com/game/string-of-words-android/achievements/

Mega link to the screenshots of the solutions: https://mega.nz/folder/mcY0mZqR#tT2kWHnTgI9S87KEczAKvQ

I'm not posting the screenshots directly in this thread because there are like a morbillion images.


A colossal amount of work done, but... The game is not popular and no one needs this guide. It would be great if you continued working on guides, but chose more famous games. Not 1000+ trending ones, but at least 100+ players.
P.S. I checked the regular (f2p) version of the game. Books are opened for 250 coins. For the first section you get 100 coins (x2 ad).


Thanks for checking the cost of unlocking.

I don't actually go out of my way to find games to make guides for. The stuff I post here are games I had already started playing, so I just take some screenshots while playing and compile the info after I'm done.


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Sorry for posting a non useful response. But I just wanna say I'm checking it out. Might use it if I get stuck somewhere. And thank you for the monumental effort. Cheers!