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[Guide] Flaming jackpot slots


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While no one asked I figured why not.

Step 1 get a burner device

Step 2 get a multi tapper suggested one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truedevelopersstudio.automatictap.autoclicker

Step 3 there no adds so just play the game and realize where you need to add spots to auto tap and get threw the mini game.

Step 4 just plug in the device and leave the game playing with the multi tapper for a year + getting 1 million spins on top of all the graphic can meen each spin takes an 30 second to 2 minutes. So hopefully after a year you will get a million spins but there 0 need to really touch the device if your auto tap spots on in the right spot.

Auto tap spots just make sure you put a 1 spot where the daily reward shows up. Next one on each row of the pyramid mini game, , one on each spot of the matching game a, and lastly on max bet.
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