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Guide: How to copy UMD game onto memory stick (3.52 & 3.71 M33)


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The following information is a compilation of what I've learned while surfing the web. I've put it together in a way that I believe a fellow PSP-Newbie can follow & understand. This means that a more experienced PSP user will probably find this literal Step-By-Step Guide to be overly detail oriented. I'm just posting it here in the hopes that this will help fellow newbies like myself.

Copying your UMD game onto your Memory Stick

The only things you'll need are:
-- Playstation Portable running custom firmware version 3.52 M33 or 3.71 M33 (or higher ;-)
-- Your own PSP UMD game
-- USB cable to connect your PSP to your computer
-- Memory Stick (from here on we'll call it MS)(;-)

If your PSP is running 3.52 m33-4 or 3.71 m33 you already have a built in UMD ripper & you're ready to get down to business without the need of any other program or download.

Just go into the "M33 VSH MENU" (3.52 M33: press "Home" on your PSP or 3.71 M33: press "Select" on your PSP) and switch the "USB DEVICE" to "UMD disc". You can also change the "UMD ISO MODE" to "Sony NP9660" if you don't want to need any kind of UMD game inserted in order to play the game from your memory stick. When you're done with that press the "Home" or "Select" button on your PSP to quickly exit the M33 VSH MENU.

-- Choose the UMD game you want to copy to your MS, put it into your PSP & turn it on.
-- Open "M33 VSH MENU" (press either "Home" or "Select"; depends on your M33 version)
-- In "USB DEVICE" select "UMD Disc"
-- OPTIONAL but highly recommended: In "UMD ISO MODE" select "Sony NP9660" so you can play the game without having to put a UMD game of any kind in your PSP. This will extend the use of your battery.
-- Close the "M33 VSH MENU" (press either "Home" or "Select"; depends on your M33 version)

-- Connect your PSP to your computer with a USB cord.
-- Go into USB mode (Do this by scrolling to the far left icons on your XMB {main PSP menu} until "USB Connection" is highlighted & press the X button on your PSP).

Ok, so, you've connected your PSP to your computer with a USB cord. If you've followed the directions then you're ready to copy / back-up the UMD game. After your PSP is fully connected to your computer you'll notice a window opens up on your monitor. You'll see a single capital letter followed by " :/ " with an icon in the window. That window shows the copy of your game. It may say something like "UMD9660 ISO Image file". It's time to follow the next set of steps:

-- Copy (drag & drop) that file onto your desktop (This is the game rip / copy / back-up that you want to put on your MS).

After it's finished copying to your desktop:
-- Rename it in order to differentiate it from any other copy you make.
(right click on it & choose "Rename" ;-) )
-- Exit USB Mode (press the O button on PSP)
-- Open "M33 VSH MENU" (press either "Home" or "Select"; depends on your M33 version)
-- Change "USB DEVICE" from "UMD Disc" back to "Memory Stick"
-- ?? I'm not sure if you need to change "UMD ISO MODE" from "M33 driver" back to "Normal" if you usually have this set to "Normal" Does anyone know for sure about this?
-- Close the "M33 VSH MENU" (press either "Home" or "Select"; depends on your M33 version)
-- Go back into "USB Connection"
(press X at "USB Connection" icon. You'll see a new window open on your monitor. You'll see the drive letter of your PSP's memory stick. You should see the following folders:
{ MEMSTICK.IND & MSTK_PRO.IND aren't actually folders, but they show in my window}

-- Copy (drag & drop) the UMD ISO Image file from your Desktop into your PSP's "ISO" file.

After it's finished copying to your MS:
-- Exit USB Mode (press the O button on PSP)
-- Scroll to the "Game" icon of your XMB (main PSP menu)
-- Open the "Game" Memory Stick icon (Scroll down to the "Memory Stick" icon & press X on your PSP)
-- You'll see your game icon! Just start playing it by pressing X :)

You may discover that your MS isn't big enough to store what you want. It's possible to shrink down the size of your copied game-files. You have a choice of leaving it in ISO format (which can be pretty large), or compressing it to cso (which somehow makes the original ISO file much, much smaller), BEFORE transfering to the memory stick. umdgen & ciso converter are two programs that will compress iso into cso. Check out: Winnydows.com's ISO Compressor that can compress ISO to CSO, DAX or JSO as well as decompress CSO, DAX or JSO to ISO.

You can save some time by copying a game to your Desktop (RENAME IT!), & immediately copy the next UMD game to your Desktop (don't forget to rename it immediately). Once you ripped all the games you want, go back into the "M33 VSH MENU"(the menu that pops up onscreen when you push the "Home" or "Select" button), switch the "USB DEVICE" from "UMD Disc" back to "Memory Stick" and exit. Then go back to "USB Connection" and enable it. The computer will show the memory stick contents again. Copy (drag and drop) each of the games to the ISO folder (which should be in the root of the memory stick. if there isn't any, create one in all caps; it should look like this, ms0:\ISO). Bam! You've just copied multiple games onto your MS (^.^)

When I have time I'll add some type of "At a glance" guide that isn't as rediculously detail oriented as this turned out to be (^.^)

Ignore this part. I'm just listing possible Google-type search queries that may bring more traffic to this awesome site ^.^
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Step by Step Guide to copying your UMD game onto your Memory Stick


Good job on the guide , will most def attract new people :D +rep for the job well done


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Thanks for the compliment & for giving me my very first +rep (^.^)

I just discovered a quicker way to exit the M33 VSH Menu. When you're done making changes to the settings all you have to do is press "Home" or "Select" again. That's easier than scrolling down to EXIT & pressing X. I'll have to see if that streamlines anything in the guide. {EDIT: Just finished doing that. Not sure if it streamlined the guide, but I know it'll save quite a few presses of the buttons when in practice}

Also, x3sphere just pointed out how this guide can be used to copy UMD Movies too. I'll have to figure out how to add that info. I think I'll wait on that until I figure out what went wrong for me though. After I got my Lords of Dogtown UMD Movie copied to my MS & actually working...none of my UMD Games would work. I ended up having to completely power off my PSP. After leaving it off for a few minutes I turned it back on & everything was back to normal. I still don't understand what went wrong though. Very weird.

If anyone has any tips on how to use 3.52 M33 or 3.71 M33 custom firmwares then please tell me about them in my Need "User's Manual" for 3.52 M33 & 3.71 M33 thread. I could put together an actual guide for these new CF's. Although it'd be just fine by me if someone else beat me to it. These things take a lot of time to make!


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Another thing is if you click on the file once and then click on the blue highlighted name it'll let you rename it. I suppose it saves more time than looking for rename by rightclick menu. The Umd Videos should be put under ms0:\ISO\VIDEO\ folder with a umd inserted and then mounted. It worked fine and i was able to play games with it mounted. Also, it's best to keep no umd mode at "m33 driver" or "sony np9660" because there's really no point in changing it back to normal unless the drivers can't support no-umd for a specific game.

Note: It's best to advice them to change the xmb cpu speed to 333/166 when ripping the umd isos, because that allows faster usb transfer rate and faster umd rendering.


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Wow check this out! This thread has been viewed over 600 times already (^.^) Hopefully we're getting more people to join exophase.com (hint-hint, nudge-nudge to the visitors. If you're getting help from exophase then please join!)

Thanks frosty for the excellent info. I'll have to see what I can do to update the first post.

I originally said to choose "m33 driver", but it was pointed out to me that "sony np9660" was the better choice since it's close to 100% compatible with everything. In an attempt to streamline (lol) the guide I just changed this info instead of adding more.

I'm holding off on adding "UMD movie" specific info because I'm experiencing technical difficulties when trying to play them from my MS. On 3.52 M33 I did finally succeed in playing a movie from the MS only to have every UMD game thereafter unable to work. I kept getting some message about it them being from the wrong region. I tried resetting every option I'd changed to no avail. I had to completely power off my PSP & restart it. To my relief that set things right.

Now I'm using 3.71 M33 & can't get a movie to play from my MS (placed the ISO in the "Video" folder which is inside the "ISO" folder [X:/ISO/VIDEO]), inserted a movie UMD, & yet I'm not given the option to change the "ISO VIDEO MOUNT"...it remains as "NONE". I've had this exact situation with 3.52 M33 & don't understand what's going on.

That last bit about changing the speed to 333/166 when ripping / copying UMD iso info is an excellent tip!


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Now I'm using 3.71 M33 & can't get a movie to play from my MS (placed the ISO in the "Video" folder which is inside the "ISO" folder [X:/ISO/VIDEO]), inserted a movie UMD, & yet I'm not given the option to change the "ISO VIDEO MOUNT"...it remains as "NONE". I've had this exact situation with 3.52 M33 & don't understand what's going on.

I don't have any UMD Movies so I am unable to test this myself, however, did you try inserting a Game UMD rather than a movie UMD?


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Yeah, I tried both game & movie UMD's (which turns out to work for either a game or movie ISO if it requires a UMD in the drive). I finally got it working. What's weird is that it just seems to be hit & miss.

I had 2 different movie ISO's in the Video file, so I deleted one of 'em & then all was well. After the movie played from the ms I added another movie ISO but could only play the movie I had in the first place.

Shouldn't we be able to play more than one movie that's saved on our ms? I've heard people talk about having more than one movie on their ms. Just doesn't seem to work for me...yet anyway.


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Another way you can easily get psp games on your memory stick is by using the PSP FILER.Once you put that psp application on your psp you can rip the umd directly to the memory stick. This takes less time then transfering it to your PC and then to your memory stick and you could do it anywhere in about 15 mins.


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Acturally transfering it to the memorystick from the UMD would take more than UMD to PC. Firstly it's a transfer of 333mhz to a pc at probably 1.5ghz or higher. compared to 33mhz shared with umd reading and memorystick writing broken down to around 160 mhz for both of the functions that are happening. After it's put onto the memorystick you'll have to take time copying it onto your computer since having it on the memorystick isn't good for archieveing.


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My PSP slim runs 3.71 M33-3.

When I select "USB DEVICE = UMD Disc" in the VHS menu, XP will recognise an extra removable drive, but when clicking this removable drive I get the message that I should enter a disk in the drive... I have exactly the same problem when i put "USB DEVICE = Flash x"... I do not have the problem when I select "USB DEVICE = Memory Stick" in the VHS menu. XP shows an extra drive and I can browse all files on the memory stick without any problem!

For some reason I can not browse the flash memories or UMD drive...

What can be causing this issue?


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can i ask some thing i have a psp slim with 3.60 inside,.. why do we need to update the psp and what m33 standsfor? im sory for my noobie questions but i need to know this i search the forums but no answer.


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can i ask some thing i have a psp slim with 3.60 inside,.. why do we need to update the psp and what m33 standsfor? im sory for my noobie questions but i need to know this i search the forums but no answer.

Update = Bug fixes + New features.

But for us, we don't update to the newest "official" firmware,
we update to "custom" firmware. and in this case the custom firmware is made by Team M33 (Dark_Alex).

Custom Firmware = Play ISO of your memory stick (please, legally), play homebrew (programs written by unofficial companies, and this is what custom firmware is REALLY bring us towards).


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i followed all the steps in this great tutorial.
i have the good system software : 3.71 m33-2
after copying the iso ripped file to my memory stick.
and evthg looks fine.
But the pbm is that when i go to games menu on my psp i can see the game on the memory stick.
can someone help plz ???
thx in advance


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Scared newbie

Thx for the guide, looks really easy to follow. Just bought a psp3000, firmware 4.20. I want to copy my games to the MS, but i ve read and heard so many PSP users complaining that their system got messed so i m kindda afraid...:blushing:. So the question is, is it safe? And secondly does my version (firmware 4.20) apply for this guide? Thanks for your help