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[GUIDE] Installing CXMB/ Installing CTF Themes for PSP 5.03 Gen (chickHEN CFW Enabler)

Alright so i've been havin trouble all afternoon trying to get CTF Themes into my PSP which has CFW 5.03 Gen B, with chickHEN.
Given me a lot of headache so i thought i'd post this so that other people using the same CFW can have an easier solution for this problem.

I am NO expert concerning PSPs and stuff, but i'll just list out the steps i took that helped me to get it working.

Firstly, Download the "Unofficial CXMB for Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN/M33" from here: http://www.psp-hacks.com/2009/06/07...re-503-gen-a-load-ctf-themes-on-the-psp-3000/

Once downloaded, extract the file. The main things you need to focus on are the "lite" folder, and the "CTF_Converter"
Go into the lite folder, and copy the two folders ("cxmb", "seplugins")
"cxmb" contains "cxmb.prx" and a folder called support. "seplugins" contains a vsh.txt file.

Now plug in your PSP (or memory stick). Paste the folders into the root folder of the memory stick. (the very first folder when you open the memory stick).
Note, if there is already a seplugins folder in the root folder, just open it, and edit the vsh.txt file. Edit it so that there is just be a line: "ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1"
In the "cxmb" folder, create a txt file and name it "CONF.txt". The content should be "/PSP/THEME/ctffile.prx", where "ctffile" is the name of the CTF you want to use.

Now, copy and paste your CTF file into the "THEME" folder in your PSP memory stick (under "PSP" folder). Also copy the CTF_Converter from the unofficial cxmb into the "THEME" folder. Run the CTF_Converter by double-clicking it.
MAKE SURE the name of your CTF file matches the name you used in the "CONF.txt" file.

Now unplug your PSP/memory stick. Turn it on (with the memory stick inside of course).
Make sure you are running CFW. (the firmware should say 5.03 Gen B (or whatever Gen you are using))
Then, go into recovery mode. This is done by pressing select on the PSP menu (any one. e.g. Game). Then selecting Recovery Menu.
The recovery menu should look like this:
Toggle USB
Configuration ->
Reboot in to official firmware
Advanced ->
CPU Speed ->
Plugins ->
Registry Hacks ->
Suspend Device
Reset Device
*Note that after advanced, all selections correspond to the one below it. (i.e. selecting CPU Speed will bring you to the Plugins. Selecting Plugins will bring you to registry hacks. Reset Device exits recovery menu). This is apparently because Advanced options are unavailable.

For now, all you need to care about is the plugins. Go to plugins (meaning select CPU Speed), and you should see
cxmb.prx [VSH] [Disabled]
Enable it, and then exit recovery menu.

Now, choose one of your games (anyone), start and exit it. When you exit, you will find that the CTF Theme you chose is now in effect.

That should be how you solve the problem.

NOTE: Okay i do not really know what i am doing, but i am simply listing the steps i took to get CTF themes to work on my PSP 5.03GEN B. Hope that this helps some people who faced this problem. GOOD LUCK, ><


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Enforcer Team
Excellent job on the guide, seems straightforward enough to me :) Thanks for taking the time to write this up!