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[Guide] pachinko '70


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Step 1 get a multi tapper suggested one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truedevelopersstudio.automatictap.autoclicker

Step 2 there no adds so just play the game and realize where you need to add spots to auto tap and get threw the mini game.

Step 4 just plug in the device and leave the game playing with the multi tapper/swiper and put the spots in the right location. There no add there was once but sense it can't connect to the add service It just continues.

Auto tap spots one spot on the middle big button, one on the accept a prize, and one swipe on the ball flicker.


Now all the Achievements are for just getting wins after so many wins and its completely random. After you get each prize the win counter starts over. So the first prize is for 100 wins the second is for 150. You don't need 50 wins after the first prize you then need an additional 150 and so on. Also the achievements themselves are not glitched but the game is at complete random the game freezes(just close and reopen the game) or just stops counting wins and move on to the next prize( The only way to fix it is to delete the game reinstall install it and try again). Ever achievements is possible but once you yet to that last prize it's gonna be hard to know if the game just decides to not keep counting wins tword the prize vs the other prizes it's kind of obvious as you see achievements progress move on to the next achievement.
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