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[Guide] REAL Ultimate Jailbreaking Guide


*This guide was made by eighty4, but graciously posted by xploren and ilyace*

First off, let's go over what I'm going to cover:

•What jailbreaking let's you do
•How jailbreaking gives you advantages
•THE HOW TO (omgawesome)
•Best programs
•Good apps

What jailbreaking is:

• Jailbreaking is NOT the ability to install and add 3rd party apps, - that would be lame. Jailbreaking means you have access to the root partition on your device and that you have the ability to modify the defaults that Apple has made for you.

Why jailbreaking is useful:

•With jailbreaking, you get the ability to go beyond Apple's limitations. They already put limits on what devs can put on the AppStore, why would you want to be limited as a consumer? You shouldn't be, and you can get passed it. This guide is to help you get by Apple's tiny laws and their idea that they must have complete control over what's being done.


First off, you'll want to check what device you have. If you have an iPod, it does not matter at this time what kind it is or when it was made. Neither does it with iPhone's EXCEPT THE NEWER 3GS's. Apple has released a new update to 3GSs made as of late, that has a new bootrom that no longer allows a full jailbreak. Meaning, you will have to have it tethered, which also means you will have to have it connected to blackra1n everytime you reboot the device.

Now, to start off, get your firmware from [here].

This is not needed for the first part of the guide, but will be needed for PwnageTool, so I suggest you get it now.

If you are already on your base firmware, you have everything squared away and don't want to go through the hassle of starting all over, you can easily download [blackra1n].

It's bare bones, and ass simple. You plug up your iDevice, any one of them, and then you load it up and press the "make it ra1n" button and wait for your device to restart.

When you start up your phone, you'll notice a new icon, a black raindrop. You get anything useful out of this jailbreak, you'll need to download Cydia first off. If you want to use a different carrier, such as T-Mobile opposed to AT&T, like yours truly, get blacksn0w as well.

Now, you're done. If you want, you can skip ahead and read [this other post] on how to get apps that make your iDevice usage better.

That's all for blackra1n, next post, I'll explain the only other app decent enough to jailbreak and iPhone, PwnageTool.


PLEASE NOTE: This program is Mac only, however, you can find custom created .ipsw's all over the internet (torrent sites).

[spoiler="Where to download PwnageTool 3.1.4]http://downloads2.touch-mania.com/PwnageTool_3.1.4.dmg

There's another program that attacks jailbreaking form a newer point and is useful for those who like to backup what they have. It's called PwnageTool. Currently it can jailbreak all devices, except newer 3GSs as mentioned before and the 3rd generation iPod Touch.

When you load the app up, you will see a screen asking you to pick which device you have, it shows 3 devices, iPhone, iPod, and iPhone 3G. If you have a 3G, choose the 3G one, and if you have a 1G iPod, choose the iPod and so forth.

PwnageTool will proceed to either find the .ipsw if you got it from iTunes or once it's done searching and can't find it, it will prompt with a browse button to find where you downloaded it (from the link I supply earlier).

After which, it will give you options or what you want to install, what bundles and so forth. Have a blast at picking which programs you find useful or that you'd want, it's really all up to you.

Next post: Explains how to use your custom created .ipsw with iTunes.


To use your newly created .ipsw made with Pwnage Tool, plug up your iDevice and boot up iTunes. Under your devices screen you'll notice a grey Version bar type shiggamubob.

Here, you hold Option and click Restore if on a Mac and Sift and click Restore if on Windows. You'll notice a browse window where you are again prompted to find a firmware, but wait. You'll want to find the firmware that PwnageTool created and select that one, that will have all the settings you've chosen in them.



Blacksn0w is what's used to unlock iPhone's on baseband (Modem Firmware) 05.11.07. It's simple. You got to Cydia, add the repo www.blackra1n.com and search for blacksn0w and install it. Done. No need to reboot, since your CommCenter was automatically restarted afterwards.

Alternatively, you can run blackra1n app on your iPhone, if you went the blacksn0w method, opposed to PwnageTool, and install blacksn0w.



So many posts.... It's a bit confusing. But the content seems pretty informative.

Needs more spellcheck.


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Poor eXo.Gear... Maybe I should make one of these guides, I been doing jailbreaking since the 1.1.4 days myself.. lol eighty4 cant post..


New Member
I know this may seem redundant, but does anyone know if there will be a jailbreak for the original 3Gs running 4.1? Ive used a few of the jailbrakes and none have worked.


Staff Member
I know this may seem redundant, but does anyone know if there will be a jailbreak for the original 3Gs running 4.1? Ive used a few of the jailbrakes and none have worked.
limera1n should work, it worked for my iPhone 4 on 4.1


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limera1n should work, it worked for my iPhone 4 on 4.1
Naw sorry I ment the 3g. I Dont know where the s came from lol.

Ive looked around but havent found anything :/