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Hacked by ghost-dz


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I was using Mozilla Firefox, the latest version, and I received an e-mail from someone on Facebook, but now every new tab on Firefox says,

Hacked by ghost-dz
Dos-Dz Team

before following the link, or till I type a link. What should I do?


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Run a full AV scan and also use Chrome or IE (never thought I'd recommend it ever) instead.
Reinstall of Firefox might be a good idea as well but ensure you uninstall it first. As for your bookmarks and stuff...well, you could import them into another browser


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Do a spyware scan (program like SpyBot Search and Destroy [Download]). Also run McAfee Stinger [Download] (run this first actually). Then run CCleaner [Download] (most likely will get rid of any saved passwords you have in FireFox, believe they now have an option though to not erase those cookies).


This is what happens when you use Facebook.... and the reason I don't....

Facebook actually beat porn sites as being virus source #1. Porn sites are only #2 these days.
Since when?

I use facebook heaps, and I haven't seen anything remotely malware, only issue I have is privacy. Not saying "just because I don't, everybody does", I've just never heard of Facebook being a vector for attacks.

OP, also give MBAM a shot, I use it as an on-demand scanner and works fairly well when I diagnose other people's malware problems.

Josey Wales

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I think the applications and crap could be a source of virusing, pretty sure those games are made by average people.

Considering the retardedness of them all 90% of the time, anything is possible.


The only source of virus' on Facebook is if somebody is idiotic enough to click a link posted by a friend (well, an application posting it), saying something like, "OMG!1 ELEFANT WIF 6 LEGZ! CLICK HEAR FOR MOAR..."


This is what happens when you click on a link from a message from your friend that say "OMG CHECK THIS OUT IT'S SO INSANE!"...
I actually made a video about this awhile ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGuZxQ-dJwE
Ah, after watching this video again it made me remember the old laptop :D