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Hard Drive (Internal)Upgrade/Backing up questions


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I have had a 40gb ps3 for over a year now and I have got to the point where space is an issue. I frequently have to delete one games data to play another, delete a PSN game for a demo, etc. I think its time I upgraded to a new hard drive but would like some input from people here that have already done it. These are my main points of concern:

1. What type do I need? I have read some stuff online and I got an idea of what I need, but there seems to be some debate on it, like 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM.
2. Would someone mind linking me to a good one? I am looking at the $100(max) price range an 160gb or more if possible.
3. I have a ton of various data on my ps3 and know I need to back it up before upgrading. My only storage devices are my Laptop(mac if it matters) and my PSP. Would either of those work for everything?
4. I have done a fair amount of trading with PSN and have lost contact with some people I have traded with. Can I backup the game on a storage device or do I need to re-download the game from them?

Thanks in advanced for any help.


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I believe you can get a TB for around the price your looking for....which is way more than 160gb...check best buy or maybe even best buy
I believe you can upgrade internal. But some computer skills are required for installing firmware and so on which I have not done for the PS3.
Or just stick to external solution, 1TB or 2TB not SSDs are relatively cheap those days too.


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I did nothing in regards to firmware, just slapped it in the PS3, formatted after that with the ps3 and it was good to go.