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Hello, fellow gamers

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I'm new to Exophase, so lets present myself a little.

I'm what people title "Achievement hunter", but its not that easy.
I hate achievement, but also hate having a game telling me "You havent finished me, FINISIH ME !" So, by some dark magic, i play a lot of my games, to end this torture of my poor little brain seeing all those games with % everywhere.

The same torture that make me make lists of games i need to complete, and achievements, etc.

I'm a swiss guy, but, the same dark magic had applied to my IRL life, i dont eat too much chocolate, and i dont have any gold ingots in my bank...

I had lot of time ago a World of Wacrarft private server, that learned me some internet and programmation skills. But now, i dont play anymore this kind of game, and dont plan to touch it anymore, even if i know i could grind some achievements.

I'm an astat member too, but i think its great to be able to track more plateforms thant only steam, so here i'am ;)By the way, i'm the 6th swiss guy on the astats leaderboards ^^

Well, i think i talked alot about me, see you ingame ;)