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Discussion in 'Community Introductions' started by Deepo, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Deepo

    Deepo New Member

    Hello! I've been a casual achievement hunter across multiple platforms for years, and I've been using a lot of different tracking sites to keep track of my progress. Saw Exophase mentioned in a GameFaqs post I read yesterday, so I decided to check it out. And wow, this is basically a dream come true. Everything in one place. This makes the choice of platform when I buy a new game matter much less, and that is awesome! I think I'll be sticking around here for the foreseeable future. Thanks a lot to the site devs, and keep up the great work!
  2. NocturnalNL

    NocturnalNL Active Member

    welcome :)
  3. Survival Horror

    Survival Horror Active Member

    Hello and welcome Deepo:)
  4. rollinsonphilip

    rollinsonphilip New Member

    hello nice to meet you :D

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