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Help me choose


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I cant pick and I really dont know what to do....

I thinking of going black Friday shopping and buying 2 main things

A 32 inch tv and a 360.... But after taking a little while to think about it I not really sure I need a 360....After all I did just get fired from my job and my mom got into a car accidents and fucked up the car so bad we need to buy a new one.....I have already saved up my last paycheck to go shopping on that day I worked a extra 75 total so I can get the extra money.. But I not sure at all what to do anymore....

I am almost for sure I's going to get this tv for my room but the thing is if I buy this tv online I cant return it. Thanks to there stupid return Policy I cant return the tv if I unhappy with it, or I feel really bad about buying it.

After talking with EriCKY it seems it not really worth it to get a 360 if you have a pc and ps3...Unless I feel like hacking a core 360... That why I whoulent need to buy live or games.

Now I have about 240 bucks on a gift card at best buy and I going to spend but not really sure how.

I can buy a 360 from one of these places

Circuit City who has Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle w/ 2 Games & Free $30 Gift Card $299.99

Circuit City Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle w/ Extra Controller & 20GB HD
$199.99( I think this is a doorbuster so I dont think they have it)

Kmart who has Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Bundle w/Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Card

Radio Shack Xbox 360 Bundle w/ Controller, Headset, A/V Cable $249.99

Dell XBox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle w/Rock Band 2 Game $199.00

Micro Center Xbox 360 core or Pro and Free $50 Gift Card $299.99/199...

Bestbuy XBox 360 60GB Console w/4 Games (Lego Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, NBA 2K9, Tony Hawk's Proving Ground) $299.99
*I have a $240 gift card that I thinking about using here.

Or buy Mirror's Edge,Prince of Persia,LittleBigPlanet,Resistance 2 and spend my gift card.

Or should I buy one by one and finish each game before buying another.

Or buy Nothing and save the money ......Or give it to help pay bills

I made 570 bucks on this paycheck, giving up 75 hours of my life so I can buy things....I chould have worked less than 20 hours if I felt like it....
I drought I be getting anything for my birthday or x max....and this may be one of the last times I have money to spend.(Keep in mind that there taking us to Disney for x max this year. Something I really dont wanna go on):(

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Save your money wait for better deals, the 360 you can wait out on if you don't have one.
But I can't say much for t.v part, thats up to you.
Save your money get an new job before you spend rest of that money.

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I don't mean to sound blunt man, but make a decision for yourself. It's your money. If you need a pep talk to help decide what to spend it on, then save it for when you do know for certain you want to purchase something.


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TVs last years and prices on them go down every few months. 360 prices go down whenever MS thinks they should and just want people to publicize it so more people can see how much it's gone down and go to buy it.

I'd say get the TV somewhere else on sale and get a 360 Core or Arcade.

EDIT: Even if you were to flash your 360 - you'd still have to pay for XBL.


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Personally I'd defy the above, save for about one year. You'll go through a year of not having what you wanted this year, but you'll find you'll probably be able to get both things, and still have money left over.
EDIT: Whoops, just noticed the best buy card bit. I don't know if you should buy a 360 and flash it or go for the games. Remember though, if you won't be able to pay for LIVE (you still do need to pay for live), don't get the 360.


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Why buy a 360 when you want LBP and R2? I'm kidding. If that's your choice, then go for it.

First off, if I had the money, and if I ever felt like buying a 360, I'd go for the KMart one though. It comes with a $60 Live Card, and a 60GB HDD (which I assume you will need). Secondly, that RadioShack deal? Oh man, that one is hilarious. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a typo. But, hm, it's RadioShack, and they have a tendency to have higher prices than everyone else (yes, I said it, and it's true, I've had several encounters with this, like this one).


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Nope no typo



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I think the fuel cost alone would leave me broke...

So what you guys think of the tv...