Help on adding PSX game cheats (CWCHEAT)

Discussion in 'PSP Homebrew' started by Puritytears, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Puritytears

    Puritytears New Member

    Hi , i want add a new cheat for my psx game , however i totally clueless on how to add .
    Anyone can help me ? thanks in advance :laugh:
    The codes are like
    D0134EE4 0020
    801557A8 0016
    which is actually meant for PS1 gameshark/action replay etc .
  2. Alex

    Alex Developer

    i beleive there is a homebrew for that, start googling lol.
  3. Puritytears

    Puritytears New Member

    I read up some of the post around here and found this link which is similar to what im finding .
    Can i just paste the code at anywhere of the cheat.db ?

    according to the link above i believe cwcheat which im using can do it .
    im just unsure of how to add cheat on the cheat.db .
  4. Alex

    Alex Developer

    sorry, ive never used cwcheat, give a shot and try
  5. Ray

    Ray New Member

    Just added to the bottom of cheatpops.db, or if yours is emty at the beginning.
  6. Puritytears

    Puritytears New Member

    Example i found these playstation gameshark cheats , how do i add it to the cheat.db after opening it with wordpad ?
  7. Ray

    Ray New Member

    Ok you have to do it this way:

    1- You just need to rename the cheat.db to cheat.txt so that you can open it with notepad and write the codes in it.

    2- the codes need to be in order first you need to have a file like this (the example is from a FFVII cheat found on this <a href="">thread</a> you need to put your game info here just use this as a guide)
    _S SCUS_94163
    _G Final Fantasy VII
    _C0 Experience Up
    _L 8009BF70 FFFF

    so yours should be something like this
    _S The game save folder in here, you can see that in cwcheat when you open it while in the game and go to the cheat list.
    _G the name of the game goes here.
    _C0 Here you put the cheat's name and its C and number 0 not letter O just maaking sure ^^
    _L Here goes the code.

    3- Now you just need to rename the cheat.txt back to cheat.db and enjoy your cheats ^^

    Btw i think the PSX cheats have a different db file something like a popscheat.db or cheatpops.db not sure, (don't have my psp with me to check) hope this helps ^^

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