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Hidden games while logged out / Origin


New Member
Hello, it seems that hidden games are not being hidden correctly while logged out (in exophase) in Origin. It displays all the games that I've tried, a lot with 0 achievements and 0h play time

The rest seem to work correctly and the hidden games are really hidden, but when I log out and check my profile, it displays all my origin games, which is a bit annoying.

Could you check this? Thank you for your work

PS: this happens when I click the Origin tab in my profile, not in my main profile page with every platform. They are not showing in there


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Currently linked Origin accounts do not go through any verification process so it is intentional that the games aren't hidden while logged out.

If we did hide them with the current approach, anyone would be able to make changes to your Origin profile on the site, just by linking the ID. Which would be a problem.

I've mentioned it elsewhere but the hide game functionality is going through some changes soon. It'll no longer be available as an option if the associated account is not verified, which will avoid any confusion on why the games still show while logged out.

Origin doesn't offer any sign-in functionality for third party sites though so that is a bit of an issue when it comes to verifying but basically we're just going to have a "Request Verification" button and a staff member will manually verify the account.