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How do I track trophy achievements for retro games?


New Member
I’m replaying Legend of Dragoon after I downloaded it on PS3. I was hoping for trophies and I discovered this amazing site. Only problem, I don’t know how to track what I’ve done so far

Can anyone help me on this? Much appreciated


Staff member
Enforcer Team
For "Retro" games, those lists do not come from PSN, but rather http://retroachievements.org/

It is a user driven site - not affiliated with Sony. They create achievement lists for older games, you can earn the achievements by playing the game in an emulator like RetroArch. So we pick up the tracked users from there, only games with actual trophies are tracked via PSN officially.

Unfortunately I don't think there's any way to earn the achievements by playing the games normally like you would on a PS3. If you had the original PS1 disc, you could play it on your PC for example through RetroArch and get the achievements.