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How many games have you bought but haven't played


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Thanks to Humble Bundle, my backlog has gotten a little out of hand. At least, I can never say I don't have any games I want to play!


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It’s at least 1000 at this point. I snag up games on sale all the time. But hey, at least I’ll always have something to play.


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Over 1300 on Steam alone. Mostly from Humble Bundles / Humble Monthly / Steam sales. I don't think I've ever purchased a full price Steam game. I went through a period of working away from home and not being able to play many games for several years, but I kept getting games I wanted to play if they were on sale and wouldn't go much cheaper in the next few years after purchasing. Only just now made a start on my backlog. I built up the collection over several years but it's great because when I think "Oh I really want to play this game" I go to check Steam / PS Plus / PS Now / Gamepass etc and there's a good chance I own it and had no idea.