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ONE HUNTING for GRIP achievement guide


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For this you must finish a clean lap (preferably solo without opponents) on Fuji GP with weather condition "Storm" in under 2 minutes.

For the "clean" requirements it's important that you stay on the road and don't ram into anything

It's recommended that you copy all the gameplay settings below. Enable all authenticity options + HUD options, except for braking assistance. This will make handling a lot easier and even display a line on the road that shows you when to slow down.

Go to Quick Play - Custom Event
- Car: Audi R18 e-tron '14
- Track: Fuji GP
- Weather: Storm
- Opponents: 15 (you can choose "0")


Sterring assistance - YES
Braking assistance - NO
Driving assist - FULL
Anti-Locks Brake - HIGH
Stability control - ON
Traction control - HIGH
Damage type - OFF
Mechanical Failures - NO
Tyre wear - OFF
Fuel usage - OFF
Auto start engine - YES
Rules & Penalties - OFF