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I am collecting every PS1 game ever made!!!!


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I am on a mission. To collect every black label(this means no greatest hits) USA game made. Wish me luck. I should be getting a lot of games sometime in the next few weeks. I will post some pics.


Staff Member
oh god.....and tell me you'd be converting them and playing them on your psp,right?....

cause that compatibilty list could do with a big boost ;)


I PERFECT Castlevania SOTN would my dream come true, I got one but there is minnor glitchs, And Maybe a working Resident Evil 2 would be great, By the way good luck with it, and you have any clue how hard its going to be to find "all" of them, and how much money do you plan on spending on this parade?


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I used to have 328 PS1 games, all bootleg though cuz I had a modchip at the time and copied the game from blockbuster and then somebody stole my whole fucking collection...Anyways if your trying to get legit copies then good luck to you cuz there are quite a large amount of games and they will put a big whole in your wallet.

- PsXtreme