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I got three achievements at the same time; explanation for registration


New Member
Hello people. All right?

I'm new here, just two days ago I registered, and just loved the ecosystem. An oasis for those who like achievements. That said, I will go into the merits of my question.

Yesterday I started playing a game called "Treasure Adventure World" on GOG, which is the platform I use on my PC. Today, while playing, I realized that I was not winning any achievements, so I went to check their list on my phone and found that I had already performed tasks that should have unlocked some.

I left the game, restarted the platform and went back to playing. In doing so, three achievements (which had not appeared before) were unlocked at the same time, so it should be some GOG Galaxy related bug. In any case, I was bothered by the situation, because the time to obtain these three achievements is the same. As an achievement hunter, I am concerned that eventually my profile here on this site may be misleading, and this "weird" situation will be understood as if I had made use of some illegal program.

The reason for this topic, finally, is to do this registration. I also stress that these three achievements are the first three of the game, in chronological order. They are very easy to obtain, and very fast, too.

I hope you understand my discomfort with the situation, and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Thank you!

* In the attachments, I posted the image of the three achievements on my GOG account and on the site itself.



Hello @Patineti,

Don't worry about this ;) It shouldn't be a problem.


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I assume since GOG doesn't list time stamps (going by the info you posted) the dates and times in your exophase profile is the time it got added to the database and linked to your profile.